June Collection Mug

All of us are going through the fires in some way or another. 

A reminder, it's all WORTH IT. 

You are worth it and the things in your life big AND small are worth it. These fires are worth it and without them you wouldn't be you. Have patience and grace for yourself. Gold is being created through the process

A concept created from the artisan's own life story. 

Made with a dark stoneware, it took THREE firings to become what it is. The first firing prepares the clay, the second transforms it, and the third is for the 22k gold engraving that otherwise would not be visible.

This mug is a reminder for the everyday.  

8 oz.

12 oz.

8 oz.

12 oz.       $38

This is the first of a new monthly series of collectible one-off items where a limited quantity will be made and sold until out of stock.

To automatically get each new series delivered to your doorstep before they sell out, sign up to the mug of the month subscription. 

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Functional pieces deserve to be beautiful AND durable. Not only do the ceramics by White Hearth Pottery meet this standard but they are true heirlooms. Meant to be passed down from generation. 

These designs have been poured over and revised so that there will be something to meet each household's style.
If the customer isn't absolutely delighted with their pieces than it's not the right fit. The whole goal is to meet your style with timeless pieces that will be well loved.

with further questions Email talia@whitehearth.com


It's one thing to make fine art, but it's another thing entirely to get it to where it needs to be. White Hearth ships using economical safe packaging that reduces risk during handling. Packaging and shipping of orders occur twice weekly. Postal services are via UPS and USPS. 


Looking for individual pieces or full collections handcrafted just for you? Not finding your desired item in stock? You can select your style, glaze, product, and quantity; you'll receive completely bespoke heirloom pieces you'll love, made to last.

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