What's the Mystery?

When I first made my online shop live, I came up with a system for creating products where I would have specific collections of stock items I would just continually be making. Keeping all of these items in stock became more than a full-time job just in itself, though, and as a result, I lost the opportunity to devote any extra time to learning more and experimenting with new ideas. Rather than having the excitement and anticipation of creating something new, everything had to be mass produced and created according to a system. 

How could I accomplish both things at the same time? My brother was the first to think of the idea, what about a mystery mug of the month club he suggested. I loved the idea! This would provide the opportunity for me to try out new clays, glazes, and test out some different techniques. I could then receive feedback directly from customers on what they especially love about behind the scene designs.

"At Christmas, I received a box from some of my kids. I opened it to find a splendid mug tucked inside. What joy! To me, pottery has personality. It carries the mark of its maker. I was admiring the mug when I was directed to the card that read Mug #1 of 12. Hmmm. I figured it was one of twelve that were made. Then I got the scoop- one of 12 mugs for ME. Being a hardcore coffee drinker, I was pumped!! What a fantastic idea! I am truly impressed!"

-Review from Customer

More than a year later, I still have the Mug of the Month club going, and I am having more fun with it than ever! Over the last few months, I have been putting extra thought into each package and what it is that I want it to represent.

I have been working on details, perfecting systems, and mostly just trying to be really intentional about the entire gift. Getting a unique handmade “one-of-a-kind” mug delivered every month I think is pretty exciting just in itself, but when the packaging is just as care filled it only adds to the experience. My hope is that this would always be something that people look forward to arriving at their doorstep each month. I want all of my customers to feel spoiled. 

"I received my first one as a gift and I'm so excited for more to come!!!! Best idea, beautiful mugs, love love love!"
- Review from Customer

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