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About the La rue collection

february 1, 2018

This collection is inspired by a road in Berryville, VA named LaRue which literally means "the street" in French. Old French rue is a topographic reference to someone who lives off of the beaten path -- in Latin it is translated as ruga which means "crease" or "fold". This collection features bright whites, pinks, blacks, and extravagant gold accents.

Originally, this collection began with a design collaboration with Something Vintage Rentals. Dawn, the owner of this company, approached me with the idea of an elegant meets rustic plate design. This matched a similar vision that I had been wanting to try, and so I was excited to have an excuse to create it. After 4 months of experimenting and researching glazes, clays, and style designs we finally decided on a product that we both loved. 

Made out of a white stoneware clay and glazed in a bright white glaze, each plate is shaped by hand and then undergoes three separate firings. 

Before the final firing, 18-23 karat liquid gold is applied to the outside rim of the plate.
Three weeks, including forty-eight hours spent in the kiln later, this is what you get:

I am still in the designing stages for the rest of this collection but so far I love how it stands out from the rest of what I make. It has a finish that is similar to that of porcelain and has been described as being glamorous and having an appeal like that of fine china. 

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