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A peak into the studio

October 31, 2018

Surroundings play a large part in influencing our creativity. Whether it is in the workspace, at our desks, clothing, people who we are in contact with regularly, podcasts or music we have playing to fill the silence. . . it all impacts the work we put out. 

As an artist, my own creativity and zeal for the work I am doing has so much to do with the space I am doing it in. 

The saying you are what you surround yourself with has an element of truth, but it's difficult when you do not have the means to surround yourself with what it is you most desire. This is something I have had to catch myself on when I am trying to convince myself that I could be better if only {this} or {this} were different. 

Some things are in my hands and require simple discipline and intentionality in order to change. Others may be much bigger such as a dream or vision for the future. One must be careful to distinguish the two from each other so as to not provoke discontentment which in the end will be the end to creativity plus sadly much more. 

The atmosphere of my workspace is one of the most important things to me and so as a result I probably spend an equal amount of time scrubbing my floor and keeping things orderly as I do actually creating. For me, my studio is like a house. I want to be comfortable in it and I want others visiting to feel likewise. 

Over the last couple months I have been on the search for a new studio space.  One: so that I could have a larger and more open space to work. Two: I desired to have my space open for classes and for people to come and shop in person. In the midst of it all, I lost focus and stopped seeing the beauty in where I was at currently. It was discouraging when opportunity after opportunity fell through. Not only did I miss seeing the beauty in the 15' by 15' room that I work in but I felt insufficient and incapable in what I was creating. You see how this all plays out? 

Whether we are aware of it or not, letting discouragement lead to discontentment can be the death of what is we are truly passionate about. 

I for one, am exactly where I need to be right now and there is so much beauty in the now even though I sometimes don't allow for myself to see it. 

All this to say, never be feared to dream big and imagine the most perfect of surroundings but don't get so caught up in it you miss how you could carry it forth, or at least versions of it, into where you are currently at. 

For me this constituted of moving in some extra shelving, etc. and finding thankfulness and contentment in where I am at. 

Photography curtesy of Tracey Salazar.

A peak into the studio

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