Welcome to the White Hearth, an online shop owned and operated by me, a potter based out of Northern Virginia. I recently completed a Kickstarter campaign for investing in new equipment for my studio. The goal of this project was to Make White Hearth Pottery Even Better, with the overall interest of improving  efficiency, working towards greater consistency, and expanding in what items I am able to make. As of February, the project was successfully funded. I was then able to set up my studio with brand new equipment and immediately got to work on making and sending out rewards along with restocking my shop.
I would love it if you took some time to look around and see what all I have been working on. All pieces that I make are fully functional and I have organized each style by collection. I have designed three very different collections so far. The most recent of which is the Annefield Collection. 
Each household has such a unique style and I am always working towards coming alongside that style with a certain White Hearth flair. I am already in the designing stage for the next collection and so if you have ideas for what you might like to see next, shoot me a message. I would love to hear from you!
Enjoy and thanks so much for stopping by.

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