Lovingly hand-crafted in Northern Virginia with attention to detail, design, and quality.  Bringing function and art together since 2017.

customized to fit your style

3 styles - Classic, Modern, and Organic

3 collections - LaRue, annefield, raven rocks

9 finishes 

you choose. we make and fire.

customized to fit your style

art is a result of how the process is executed

From the designing to the creation of every piece, care and attention to detail are carried through in entirety. It is literally the process of something of beauty being made out of nothing.



presentation is the enticement for something amazing

It's one thing to make fine art, but its a whole other thing to get it to where it needs to be. White Hearth ships using economical safe packaging that reduces risk during handling. Packaging and shipping of orders occurs on every Wednesday. Postal services are via UPS and USPS. 



perfectly imperfect wheel-thrown pottery 

"Simplicity may be thought of as characteristic of cheap things, but it must be remembered that it is a quality that harmonizes well with beauty. 

That which is truly beautiful is often simple and restrained. . . 

what is so appealing in the art of the people is this very quality. . . beauty accompanies by the nobleness of poverty."

- Bernard leach

perfectly imperfect wheel-thrown pottery 

Lovingly hand-crafted in Northern Virginia with attention to detail, design, and quality.  Bringing function and art together since 2017.


Meet the artists

Ceramicist Talia Olmstead's dream is to create timeless beauty that will outlive a lifetime. Aspiring to give meaning and purpose to that which would have otherwise been nothing, she finds value in the process with a firm belief in the ordinary being the most extraordinary. Woven through her work is the sentiment that form speaks for itself and that true beauty can be found in the nobleness of being simple and restrained. 

Owner and founder

talia olmstead

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Waverly creates pottery in her studio nestled on a small vegetable farm in Berryville, Virginia. She’s a lover of the outdoors, intentional community, her pup Riggs, and a healthy dose of ice cream. Becoming a potter has been a lifelong dream, and she recently quit her job to pursue it full time. She feels most inspired in the quiet, peaceful moments of life - usually with dirty feet while surrounded by loved ones. Waverly finds that the more joy she sparks in her own life, the more ideas are sparked in her work.

Designer and potter

waverly long

waverly long, designer and potter

waverly long

Illustrator and Potter

Hannah Lindsey, Illustrator and Potter

Hannah Lindsey

Hannah Lindsey is a multi-talented maker with a bad habit of eating ice cream for breakfast (and sometimes dinner). She lives with her 3 cats, bunny (named dog), and alarmingly large mug collection in Winchester, VA. When she’s not painting or creating at White Hearth, Hannah spends her days' coloring and reading with the children she nannies. She also works as an illustrator and floral designer for Verity Varee. Hannah loves vintage dresses, naps, thrifting, the outdoors, and drawing flowers. When she sees a body of water, she can’t resist the urge to jump in, and when she sees a pretty plant, she can’t resist the urge to buy it. Hannah feels most at peace when alone in the woods.

hannah lindsey

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Looking for individual pieces or full collections handcrafted just for you? Not finding your desired item in stock? You can select your style, glaze, product, and quantity; you'll receive completely bespoke heirloom pieces you'll love, made to last.

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